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    As half-ton pick-ups became lighter, half-ton truck owners hav...
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The Right Snow Plow for Your Half-Ton Truck

As half-ton pick-ups became lighter, half-ton truck owners have struggled to find a rugged, hard-working snow plow that meets today’s vehicle weight requirements. The HT Series snow plow is a full-size, full-featured snow plow, made just for today’s lighter half-ton pickups.


True Fleet Interchangeability One Truck. One Control. Any Plow. With the new Fisher FLEETFLEX Electrical System, you have true fleet interchangeability. Unlike other manufacturers who require a different control for operating either a straight blade or a V-plow, the Fisher FLEETFLEX system lets you operate all plows using ONE CONTROL. Common Programmable Controls with Built-In SECURITY GUARD™ Anti-Theft System Programmable "soft-stop" and "one-touch" float Easy to Operate Fish-Stik® Hand-held or Joystick Controls Simple Wiring Easier Installation Increased Reliability

SECURITY GUARD™ Anti-Theft System The exclusive FISHER® SECURITY GUARD Anti-Theft System is a safe and secure way to electronically "lock" your snow plow while it is detached from the truck, providing a deterrent from theft or non-permitted use. Unlike physical locks that can be cut or removed, the SECURITY GUARD Anti-Theft System electronically synchronizes your control and plow module. When activated, it disables the electronic control system and renders the snow plow inoperable to unauthorized users. The SECURITY GUARD systems comes standard on the XBLADE snow plow and provides a valuable tool that can be utilized at your discretion.

Plowing Efficiency The steel moldboard is 27” tall and 7½' wide and features a 15½” curl radius for efficient snow rolling action. The 75-degree attack angle is the most aggressive of any plow in its class, providing improved scraping and better back-dragging.

Structural Reinforcement The six vertical ribs and a full-length horizontal tube provide extra stability and strength to the core of the blade. A pair of vertical compression trip springs deliver trip-edge protection.

Hydraulic Scrape Lock
Fast hydraulics allow you to change the blade position quickly and easily for efficient plowing.  And the exclusive Scrape Lock feature hydraulically locks the blade down for cleaner scraping and back dragging performance
Trip-Edge Design Only the edge of the blade trips when an obstacle is encountered. It’s much less jarring than a full-trip blade, and because the blade stays upright, plowed snow remains in front of the blade. Fisher Engineering’s trip edge uses compression-type springs. They never need adjusting and are never stretched like extension springs, providing the longest life of any type of spring on the market.

Fast & Durable Hydraulics We build all our hydraulics ourselves, for unmatched speed and durability. All critical hydraulic components are fully enclosed for protection from the elements. Two-way, poppet-style valves allow a higher volume of fluid flow than traditional 3- or 4-way spool valves. All solenoids are independently powered and grounded directly to the battery through our plow module for reliability. Easy access to hydraulic fluid fills and drain ports.