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Ideal for the commercial contractor, the FISHER® HDX™ stainless steel commercial straight blade snow plow takes innovation and productivity to a whole new level. With an adjustable attack angle and articulating A-frame, you get more ground-hugging, clean-scraping performance than you ever thought possible. For more information, visit Connect with FISHER® on our social channels: Facebook: Twitter:

  • HDX™ Straight ...
    Ideal for the commercial contractor, the FISHER® HDX™ stainles...
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Product Description

FISHER introduces the all-new, stainless steel FISHER® HDX™ straight blade snowplow.

  •     New FISHER® HDX™ snowplow features adjustable attack angle that can be set to 55˚, 65˚ or 75˚
  •     Articulating A-Frame follows contours of plowing surface for improved scraping
  •     More than a dozen optional accessories available

The stainless steel HDX snowplow features an adjustable attack angle that allows the operator to set the blade's attack angle to one that is best suited for plowing surfaces, weather conditions or the operator's plowing style, bringing heavy commercial technology to the contractor market. The attack angle can be set to 55 degrees for unpaved or gravel surfaces, and for scooping heavy snow; 75 degrees for plowing paved surfaces and asphalt, and for scraping up ice and hard packed snow; or 65 degrees for all-around plowing surfaces and conditions.

The snowplow's articulating A-frame, with integrated leaf spring, gives the stainless steel HDX blade the ability to follow any type of plowing surface. This feature allows for a cleaner scrape even on the most uneven ground and allows for more even wear on the plow's cutting edge. The leaf spring also makes it easy for the operator to line up the truck during mounting.

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