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Simply put, the XLS is the ultimate snow-moving machine. In the 8-foot retracted position, the XLS is perfect for transport and plowing through narrow areas. Expand the snow plow wings to the 10-foot position and take huge 10-foot wide passes to make quick work of open areas. You can also windrow with fewer passes and less cleanup. The XLS can also fully angle to carry snow around corners with minimal spill-off, something v-plows cannot do. Other features include: Trip-edge design 70-degree attack angle Minute Mount 2 attaching system INTENSIFIRE halogen headlamps Universal hand-held or joystick snow plow controls StormGuard baked-on powder coating Learn more about Fisher Snow Plow products and features at Get the latest news and product information by connecting with FISHER on social media: Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn -

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    Simply put, the XLS is the ultimate snow-moving machine. In ...
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This Changes Everything

Change the way you plow snow, and take your business to the next level of profitability, with the FISHER® XLS™ Expandable Length Snow Plow. With the ability to expand from 8’ to 10’ wide, and then angle the wings to an 8’ 10”. scoop, or the ultimate windrowing configuration, you can be up to 30% more efficient.

.  The heavy-duty blade construction features eight verticle ribs plus one rib on each wing for extra strength. Hydraulic wing extensions slide laterally across the structurally reinforced slide box. The tough construction of this channel provides excellent torsional blade strength and prevents distortion under heavy loads.
The XLS features an aggressive 70-degree attack angle that provides a cleaner scrape and reduces the need for deicing after plowing.
Operate each wing independently and configure the blade into any number of effective plowing positions, from the 8 ft. retracted straight blade, to the 10 ft. expanded width straight blade, to a 9 ft. wide scoop mode, for maximum snow-carrying capacity. For the ultimate windrowing machine, angle the blade with the wings extended, and angle the leading wing forward to direct snow into the moldboard.

The independently controlled wings on the XLS take windrowing to a whole new level.  In a straight blade position, plows must use less of a blade width with each pass, to keep snow from flowing off the leading edge. With the XLS you can expand and angle the leading wing forward, so snow is directed into the moldboard to eliminate spill-off. You can use the entire blade width to make the most of every pass. The expanded trailing wing also extends the clearing area of the plow beyond truck tires. This eliminates snow loss under your vehicle and effectively reduces windrow passes and cleanup.

We build all our hydraulics ourselves, for unmatched speed and durability. All critical hydraulic components are fully enclosed for protection from the elements. Two-way, poppet-style valves allow a higher volume of fluid flow than traditional 3- or 4-way spool valves. Hydraulic unit is inverted so that constant warming from the electric motor helps maintain fluid viscosity in the reservoir. All solenoids are independently powered and grounded directly to the battery through our plow module for reliability. Easy access to hydraulic fluid fills and drain ports. Standard double-acting cylinders provide best-in-class back dragging ability, holding the wings firmly in place, while the built-in pressure relief helps protect from hidden obstructions.