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The FISHER MC Series is the big, tough snowplow for the big, tough jobs. Built for municipal and heavy duty contractor applications commercial snow plowing, the MC Series is available in 9-foot or 10-foot blade width. FISHER's original trip-edge design protects the blade when encountering hidden obstacles. Other features include: Minute Mount 2 attaching system INTENSIFIRE halogen headlamps Universal hand-held or joystick snow plow controls StormGuard baked-on powder coating Learn more about Fisher Snow Plow products and features at Get the latest news and product information by connecting with FISHER on social media: Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn -

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    The FISHER MC Series is the big, tough snowplow for the big, t...
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Built for the Big Jobs

Big trucks and big jobs require serious snow plowing equipment. The FISHER® MC Series is the biggest, toughest plow we make. Built for municipal and contractor vehicles in the 17,000-27,500 GVW range, the MC Series is just right for narrow streets and intersections and large parking lots. Matching the plow to the job – that’s how to get it done!

One Truck. One Control. Any Plow. With the new Fisher FLEETFLEX Electrical System, you have true fleet interchangeability. Unlike other manufacturers who require a different control for operating either a straight blade or a V-plow, the Fisher FLEETFLEX system lets you operate all plows using ONE CONTROL. Common Programmable Controls with Built-In SECURITY GUARD™ Anti-Theft System Programmable "soft-stop" and "one-touch" float Easy to Operate Fish-Stik® Hand-held or Joystick Controls Simple Wiring Easier Installation Increased Reliability

The exclusive FISHER® SECURITY GUARD Anti-Theft System is a safe and secure way to electronically "lock" your snow plow while it is detached from the truck, providing a deterrent from theft or non-permitted use. Unlike physical locks that can be cut or removed, the SECURITY GUARD Anti-Theft System electronically synchronizes your control and plow module. When activated, it disables the electronic control system and renders the snow plow inoperable to unauthorized users. The SECURITY GUARD systems comes standard on the XBLADE snow plow and provides a valuable tool that can be utilized at your discretion.

Available in 9’ and 10’ blade widths, the MC Series Snow Plow is a full 34” high and made from 11 gauge steel.

   The 9’ blade features two wear-resistant cast iron shoes and four compression type trip springs. The 10’ blade has four cast-iron shoes, and six compression type trip springs. Eight vertical ribs provide structural reinforcement. An 8” center punched reversible cutting edge is standard on both sizes. The cutting edge increases wear resistance and improves cutting power and scraping ability.

Instead of relying on outside suppliers, we build all our hydraulics ourselves, for unmatched speed and durability. Fast responsive hydraulics maximize snowplowing efficiency. 

   With the chain lift system, you get instantaneous “float” when lowering the blade. Unrestricted, the blade can freely follow the contours of the plowing surface for a cleaner scrape. With the chain lift you can stack higher because you’re not limited by the hydraulic ram stroke, unlike cylinder lift systems, which can only pull the plow up as far as the limits of the cylinder’s range. In the rare event of a hydraulic failure, you can push the plow up into a snow bank and “short chain” the plow by attaching it to the specially designed bracket and safely transport the plow back to the shop.

  The simplest and most trouble-free attachment system available. 100% mechanical design means there are no electrical components or hydraulic assist gimmicks to fail. The attachment arms and lower gear are flared both vertically and horizontally to make the drive-in connection easy.

Only the edge of the blade trips when an obstacle is encountered. It’s much less jarring than a full-trip blade, and because the blade stays upright, plowed snow remains in front of the blade. Fisher Engineering’s trip edge uses compression-type springs. They never need adjusting and are never stretched like extension springs, providing the longest life of any type of spring on the market.